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Have you ever been tempted to write your own novel? 📝We are so excited to share this November ‘WRITE YOUR OWN READS’ box is curated for all you aspiring writers as well as for those who have a few NaNoWriMo wins under their belts. This box is all about motivating and providing tools useful for reaching your writing goals each day.✒️ 🌸 Need inspiration for your own novel? Why not check out our November book of the month which is set during the time of one of the world’s greatest writers, Shakespeare, and is full of intrigue and theatricality. Follow along as one of Shakespeare’s classic plays comes together for the first time as the perfect cover for an assassination plot. We loved the spy vs. spy dynamic of this story plus the name drops of some of the most famous and influential writers of all time.📚 🌸 There will be 6-7 items in this box plus a signed bookplate, hardcover book, and author’s letter. We’ll also be revealing our first vendor very soon!🎉 🌸 November ‘WRITE YOUR OWN READS’ boxes will be on sale October 2. If you’re already a subscriber, no need to worry! We have a box reserved for you already! Boxes will begin shipping on November 5th.📖📝 🌸

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